Turn Off Timer for Windows

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Free software to time the shutdown of a computer

Turn Off Timer is a simple and easy-to-use software application that allows users to set a predetermined amount of time before their computer will automatically turn off. Not only can this save battery life and energy consumption, but it can be useful when an extra amount of privacy is desired (such as when stepping away from a laptop while within public settings).

Core Applications and Main Tools

Turn Off Timer will provide users with two main options. They can either determine a time when the system will be completely shut down or they can opt to restart the computer using this very same method. The interface is extremely easy to operate and in the rare event of a question, there is a help option available via a drop-down menu at the top of the primary window. It can work in combination with the majority of Windows operating systems.

Additional Parameters

One interesting feature in regards to Turn Off Timer is that this program runs completely in the cloud. In other words, no download is required. The user simply navigates to the official page and then sets the desired time. It is currently rated for Windows XP although newer versions are also compatible.

Turn Off Timer is a small program that allows you to set a time amount before your computer shuts down or restarts

This program can be useful for any computer user, a lot of programs will have long tasks that you would rather not wait for and you dont really want to leave your computer on. So this is the solution, Turn Off Timer can let you be able to leave the computer on to run the task at night, or when your not around and you can set it longer than the task is going to take or just at a specific time you want the computer off at and Turn Off Timer will insure it turns off for you.

What makes my application different from others on the market is how simple it can be to use, there is no installation so that speeds up the process for the user and once its opened they just have to decide how long until it shuts down or restarts.

The type of user this software is meant for is any users its very simple to use even people who don't use the computer to often will still be able to figure this out.


  • No download is required to use this software package.
  • It is possible to either restart a computer or to turn it off completely.


  • More advanced settings are not available with this basic version.
  • English is the only language supported by Turn Off Time.
  • Turn Off Time

Program available in other languages

Turn Off Timer for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 3.4
  • (39)
  • Security Status

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